Summer 2018

Trip of a lifetime is a really great program and i’m so glad I was able to be apart of it. The experience that I was given was really a once in a lifetime opportunity that could NEVER be forgotten. I found out about the program through a friend who also applied along with the help of my school career counselor. I applied because there was nothing I wanted more than to get out of new york city and to go somewhere i've never been before. The entire process of trying to get into TOAL was really nerve wracking because I really wanted to get chosen, so when it was time to have my phone interview and then wait on the email to confirm my acceptance or denial I was very anxious. Everyday i'd talk to my career counselor about how I thought TOAL wasn’t going to get back to me and I wondered why they hadn’t reached out yet. Finally they responded back and I was excited to find out i’d be going away this summer, now i'd just have to wait to find out where my trip placement would be. 

I was assigned a trip called California Cruisin for two weeks and one of the best parts about it was that my friend and I were attending the trip together. I was ecstatic, I literally could not wait until the summer so i could finally experience life in Cali. It was not long before the day of my departure from new york arrived and honestly I didn't know how to feel; the night before my flight I began to feel scared nervous worried and happy all at once because I didn't know what to expect. At the Airport I was greeted by the Founder of Rein Teen Tours and immediately felt comforted and ready now more than ever to have the time of my life.

 All of the things I did in california and the places I visited were amazing, however I did have some personal favorites. Surfing was one of the Key activities for me along with circus school because those are things that I never did back home so it was new and enjoyable. While at the circus school I was really scared to try some things like the trapeze, but it’s always better to take experiences now rather than having regret about not doing it later. Of course I also have my all time favorites Disneyland and Universal Studios; although i've been to amusement parks before the rides at these two parks were not like any rides i've ever been on at other amusement parks. The scenery was spectacular, it was like you'd enjoy yourself regardless if you got on all of the rides or not; just being there you'd have a good time. On my trip I did visit alcatraz island and I was amazed by the information I received visiting this site; surprisingly I enjoyed every bit of information that I heard from the audio tour I listened to and I took plenty of photos. It was crazy to me that I actually was in the jail and could see the escape holes, go in the rooms, and visualize what took place in the jail as I followed the audio tour. Days on the beach were cool too, especially for me because I don’t go to the beach often. I was really surprised on how I approached each activity; I had such an open mindset and tried everything which was a great mentality for me to have going on the tour. If you approach everything as I did you'll really have an outstandingly fun experience on your trip.

 Going on my trip I learned a lot. You have to go into new things with an open mind. This is a major key to have fun with everything you do, thus helping you make memories that’ll last forever. Also cherish things that you love and make things last. This can go for friendships, Wildlife conservation, and experiences. Be thankful too because you should appreciate everything you have and everything you get. I know I’m most certainly thankful for trip of a lifetime, they made this one of the best summers for me. I’m also thankful for the people I met who will be friends forever. I met some amazing people and everything was fun, but friends made things so much more fun; to share this experience with other people was just a bundle of joy. Trip of a lifetime really goes above and beyond to provide students with trips that some of us may not have been so lucky to go on without the program. It’s opportunities like this that you look for, receive, and take advantage of.