Summer 2018

This trip has been amazing for me ; I got to make new friends. I would never have met my new friends if it wasn’t for trip of a lifetime. I got to see different parts of the country like Arizona, Utah, and California. Also, I got to have new experiences like riding a roller coaster, hiking, and more.

I found out about trip of a lifetime through my school.  Many people in my school have done trip of a lifetime and loved it. The teacher was talking about all the different programs we could do over the summer and trip of a lifetime was one of the programs. So the teacher had one of the students, who had gone on project california ,to talk about their experiences and they said it was fantastic and she highly recommended we apply for the program.

In the beginning I was both nervous and excited for the tour and service trip.  Nervous because it was the first time traveling without family. Excited because I wanted new experiences and to meet new people. When I was going to the airport I was so scared because it seemed that many people on the trip already knew each other and I didn’t know anyone. I was too shy to start a conversation but a girl came up to me and asked me if we were going on the same trip. I said yes and we started bonding on the fact we were both latinas.

One of my favorite places was Salt Lake City because we went to Olympic Park Action Center.  Me and my friends were having fun going zip lining. At first when I was ziplining I was so high and scared. I could see everything and I felt a rush as I was going down. Hiking Bryce Canyon National Park was long and hard but the end I felt so happy I accomplished it; the view was amazing even though looking down it felt like I was close to death. The view took my breath away. The next day we went to Grand Canyon National Park. It was a sprint compared to Bryce Canyon National Park but the view was equally beautiful. Las Vegas was incredible . We rode the new york roller coaster.

Lastly, in Santa Barbara I had the pleasure to volunteer at the Unity Shoppe. The Unity Shoppe is a place where people, single parents, families or homeless can come for help during hard times. It’s a store where people can choose what they want ; it gives back the feeling of being in control and reinsures family. The Unity Shoppe is neighbors helping out other neighbors when it comes to donating clothes, food, household items, and school supplies. Being a part of a community that comes together to help each other by donating clothes or volunteer is incredible. I think everyone should volunteer at one point of their life because looking back I remember women, men, and children leaving with smile on their faces and to knowing that you played a part in their smile; it makes your day.

On the weekend we all went to Los Angeles and went to a comedy club. I laughed all night with my new friends. Warner bros studio tour was so cool. Going around the studios were some of my favorite movies and the shows that were created was awesome. One of the shows we went to was the ellen show studio. Universal studios was the best. I celebrated  a new friends birthday, went on simpson’s riding and drank butterbeer. I got to live out my childhood dream of going to hogwarts too. Also, me and my friends going on the Harry Potter ride.

Going on this trip has been an eye opening experience. At first I was hesitating on whether I should go on the trip but towards the end I didn’t want to go back home. On our last night together we were in a circle sharing our favorite memories that we had on the trip. The next day we were all going to the airport and flying back home. I was crying and telling my new friends that I love them and that we have to stay in contact. Thank you for this opportunity . It  has been incredible seeing new places, meeting new people and eating different foods.