Trevor Hutson

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Wow, What can I say about The Trip of A Lifetime that I had this summer? It was unusual, different, quick but yet so amazing. Although July 23rd, 2015 was one of the strangest days of my life, I was reminded that my life would never be the same after August 5th. I remember that day so vividly because I was never so excited to leave New York, but this time I left my mom, my grandmother, cousins and everyone else. Despite my angst, I was so excited because I would meet many new friends! I got to the airport about 6:30am and reached the designated terminal and I saw many teenagers’ that I assumed were going on the same trip. Walking by, my heart stopped! I was so nervous because I didn’t know anyone, so I stayed quiet and to myself. Once it was time to go through security, I hugged my mom one last time and said, “See You in two weeks!” I got my boarding pass and got on line to go through the metal detectors and at the end of the line I saw two young men. After going through security, the young men stopped me and said, “Hello, what’s your name?” As we spoke, things got so much better and I was at ease. I now have two friends, Ben and Ness! They ended up becoming my best buds on the trip. I roomed with them for about the last 3 hotels.

One of the places I enjoyed most was Lake Tahoe! Lake Tahoe was beautiful. While at Lake Tahoe we stayed in condos and our second night there we all had to participate in a cooking competition against the other groups and my group won! Our meal was a grilled chicken salad and one was a regular salad because one of the counselors was a vegetarian. Not only did we win because of our food, we won because of our presentation of the food, the cleanliness of our House and most importantly the atmosphere. We had jazz playing softly and we had a digital Fireplace on a laptop, which was at the table. I also enjoyed it for Water Tubing. I can't really swim but my friends didn't want me to miss out on the fun. We got on the boat and we start to go deep out into the lake and David was brave enough to go first. After seeing David do it, I wanted to back out but I decided to drop my fears and have fun. I wasn’t sure when I'll get another opportunity to go again. It's my turn now. I got in the tub and it went slow but got faster and all I did was hold on and try not to fall in. Gladly I didn’t fall in the water!

The Whole Trip was just so amazing I can write a book on it! From meeting new people, doing new things, experiencing quiet and so much more! I thank Stan Rosenberg for the opportunity to go on that trip, to Briana for all the questions she answered as a trip buddy to all the Trip of A Lifetime staff, I Thank You.