Oliver Rivera


Once I applied to trip of a lifetime, I was hoping I was a selected student. Students from the past who have gone on this trip have told me it was the best experience for them. When I found out that I was accepted I was cheerful and at the same time I was unhappy because I never gone on a trip without any of my family members. I was happy when I had to go to the trip kickoff event. I met people who were going on the same trip as me.

After the trip kickoff I felt like this trip was going to change me. This trip was going to teach me how to reach out to other people I never met before. I felt like this trip was going to change me and my community by leaving my comfort zone and going out to explore new things. The kickoff event did inspire me a lot. Once I saw the tall buildings, I knew this was going to be great. When I saw the awesome offices and fish tank, I was really proud of myself. I told myself if I work and study hard one day I can have my own place like this. It changed my feelings. I felt more excited about going to California. I was really nervous about spending two weeks away from home with a new group of people. I asked myself if I was going to fit in. But then I remembered everyone is just as nervous and scared about meeting new people. I was planning to introduce myself by telling then my name, age, school, and why I came on the trip. The night before the trip I felt really nervous and scared. I was nervous about meeting the person next to me on the plane. The plane ride was really scary because I was really high above the ground. When I was on the plane I saw the world different. The world is full of work and jobs that can help you with life.

At the end of my first day I was really tired I was tired because the airplane and the bus ride was really long. But as soon as I got to the hotel I was shocked because I saw how wonderful it looked I said to my friends let the fun begin. I told myself I have to make a lot of memories and friends so I started talking more with the counselors and other students. I had to make the most out of it for it to be a good summer. I loved going to the restaurants because we ate as a group. We had good times. We talked about each other and finish introducing ourselves. My favorite meal was the burgers at the hard rock cafe. I loved the burgers. They were delicious. Also my favorite desert was at Chevy’s restaurant. I really liked to go surfing because it was something new that I never tried. And it’s going to be something that I will try to do again.

I also really loved whitewater rafting because we got to jump off the raft and swim with my friends. My most favorite activity was water tubing because it was really fast and we got to do the circle of death which was really hard to hold on. My favorite funny moment was at the improve comedy club because the comedians were not used to performing in front of teenagers. The comedians felt like it was a punishment. It was the funniest thing every. Also another funny moment was at the hotel when my two friends kept on hearing scary noises and they were really scared to go to sleep. They had no idea what to do. I fell asleep because I thought they were kidding and just fooling around. I wake up in the middle of the night to them screaming. I was just laughing. We all tried to figure out what was that noise. It was my friend’s laptop that he forgot to turn off. He forgot to turn off his scary movie he was watching. This had me laughing until my ribs could not take it anymore.

I made many new friends. My friend ben was way too funny. He made my trip great. He was also a kind person. He would start dancing very early in the morning because he was excited to start the day. One day we had to cook for the counselors. When it was his turn to cook it was so funny because he didn’t know how to cook. He burnt the rice and we didn’t have rice for dinner.