Nana Mprah

Summer 2012

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It’s good to be back from the trip that puts me in adventurous experience.I applied to this trip because I love travelling and going to places. I love to explore new places and tell stories of where I’ve been. I applied to this trip because it was the perfect opportunity for me to go to the south side of New York and a good way to start my summer. When I heard about this opportunity the first time, I didn’t really take interest in it until my friend explained the details to me. After he explained it to me, I then realized I couldn’t afford the prices for this trip.Therefore looking for someone to help pay for my trip was my main option. I earn a great opportunity that will help me go on this trip.There is a wise saying “opportunity comes but once.” So I wouldn’t let this opportunity pass by, so then I applied and wrote my three essays.

This trip was really fun and I had a blast. I have so many memories from the trip that I won’t forget even if I tried. First of all, let me start with the ride there. The plane ride there was really long and tiring. What make a little bit better was I met two friends on the first day of the trip, so we hanged out and watched a movie in the plane. Also the movie was really boring; just saying. To a beginning there is an end so eventually the plane ride came to an end. But that wasn’t the end of the ride, we were going to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and the plane landed at Atlanta so we waited for like 3 hrs to take the transfer to SC. Also the plane ride to Myrtle Beach was bumpy and you couldn’t even sleep on it, so the trip to our destination wasn’t very fun. Finally we got to Myrtle Beach, I was exhausted and I think everybody else was, and something really bad happened. My bag was messed up. The wheels were broken so I had to carry. As I said, it wasn’t fun. We left the airport and met our bus driver Ray, he’s a really cool guy. We then went on the bus and the counselors were introduced and we were told how it was going to be like for the next two weeks, lots of fun. So the first day didn’t go that great but we went to our hotel rooms and relaxed for a little while and went out for dinner. We went to TGIF’s but we had an activity before eating; we formed a circle and went around saying our names and where we are from. Dinner was great, and what was even greater was we had ice cream after that. We had an orientation for a while and we were allowed to go to our hotel room.

The next day was a whole new day, we woke up and had breakfast and we went to the beach (to learn how to surf) I had my bathing suit, my sunglasses and I was looking great. We had a great time at the beach even though I didn’t learn to surf. We left to had lunch a delicious turkey sandwich at subway. We went back to the hotel to relax and we went out for dinner and we went to nascar after that. It was really fun. The second day was also great. The next day we went to the beach again but this time we played games like football, frisbee and soccer and I was great in all of them. After all that fun, we had lunch next to the people and as the usual we were allowed to relax and we met for dinner.Before dinner we went shopping, then we had dinner at a place called Dicks.The waiters acted like dicks but their food was really great. They also give you a chef looking hat that says something really mean on it. Most of them were really mean but it was also funny. The next day was when we left for Atlanta, even though Myrtle Beach was great, I knew Atlanta was going to be even better. We packed that night, I had fun with my roommates and we went to sleep at like two. We slept late because we were going to sleep on the bus. The next day came like a flash. We had breakfast and we were set to leave Myrtle Beach. The bus ride was really long and I slept half of it. I also watched movies for the other half.

We arrived at Atlanta around 3, then we checked into our hotel, Hyatt Place. The hotel was very nice and I had a short nap and we met around 5 for our first dinner in Atlanta. We had a great dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. I ordered a pepperoni pizza, very delicious. After dinner we went to a concert. I believe is called “Cirque de soleil”. It was a very funny show, the host was some mime, I’m still confused I thought it was a clown. He was very funny. I almost peed in my pants from all that laughter. It got to a time I couldn’t control myself from laughing. Also there were some great acrobats doing a lot of scary stuff. It was a good night in Atlanta. The next day we head over to Six Flags in Georgia. We went into groups of five or six and we had fun in six flags. I went on every ride. We went to Gotham CIty and did all the rides. We also went on Goliath and some ones I can’t remember. The only things we didn’t do were water rides. Also I was scared to go on the Daredevil but at the very end I went on with my friend and it wasn’t as scary as I thought. I also bought a superman hat. The day was over and everyone was exhausted, so we went right into our hotel rooms showered, called my parents and went to sleep. Morning came and we had breakfast and we began our journey of excitement. We went to the world of Coca-cola. We met this guy called Emilio and he was funny, he was our tour guide. He was also corny and he made my day when he dissed the Jersey boys. We had a tour of the place and took some pictures and we went to the Secret Vault. I really thought they were going to show us the secret formula but they just showed us the vault to proof there’s a secret formula. After that we went to the tasting section. It’s where you taste different beverages from the coca-cola company but different part of the world. The sweetest one was the vanilla coke. It was really good. The one that tasted really bad was beverly and ironically it has a nice name. I got tricked into drinking it twice, it was a terrible experience. We left to CNN world headquarters and we had lunch. I had Wendy’s. After lunch we went to the Georgia Aquarium. It was a great place. We saw a dolphin show and the protagonist was annoying me with his singing but I loved what the dolphins did. We went back to the hotel rooms and we were giving downtime and we were allowed to go to each others rooms. Later that night we had dinner and we went to play whirlyball. It’s a combination of basketball, bumper carts and lacrosse. It was really fun, I didn’t know how to play because I never played it before but after two games I was like a pro. I even became a commentator for some of the games. This is when I realized am a great commentator. It was great night and I was sad we were leaving Atlanta then I remembered we were going to Florida. Universal and all that fun stuff. So I got over my sadness, packed my things and said “here I come Orlando.”

So the next day we got up had breakfast and we were ready to go. The bus ride was really long. I was literally saying are there yet every five minutes after 5hrs of the bus drive. Finally, we got to Marriott Hotel, a very nice hotel. I helped unload the bags from the bus, I should have gotten a sticker but apparently they don’t give stickers. We checked in and we met for a dinner. We went to dinner-in-a-show, I think thats what they call it. The process of having dinner and watching a show. Also we were v.i.p. so we were treated like kings, kinda. The pirate show was really awesome, it had me laughing, i laughed harder than the show in Atlanta so you should imagine how hard I laughed. After that show we had a dance party at the same place. I met professional dancers, they dance for a lot of stars. Then there was going to be a fashion show of beautiful, argentine girls and they were all in costumes but that was when we had to leave. It was a very sad moment even though I never met the girls. I was mad but it was life so I said let’s move on more fun stuff coming up tomorrow. The next day was like a blessing, the argentine girls were in our hotel. Even though the breakfast was terrible, I stayed around because I was surrounded by argentine girls. It even got better, we went to Universal Studios. The place was awesome, the hulk was a thrilling ride, we also did harry potter, some dragon rides both red and blue. We also did some kiddy rides and most people were looking at us like...are they ok. We had a blast at both parks. So night came and we went back to the hotels to hear loud argentine girls. The next day we went to Aquatic it was a water park. There was one problem, it rained most of the time and most of the rides were closed. For some reason I had a lot of fun when it wasn’t raining. After aquatic we went to the hotels relaxed and met again for dinner. After dinner we went to Disney Quest. DisneyQuest was not all that fun, so me and my friends did something else, we went to the third floor and hooked up our other friend with some girl he liked and we sat in front of the elevator and said hi to everyone we saw. For some weird reason it was very fun, we laughed a lot and made fun of a lot people. The next day, we went to what my friends call a magical place, Disney world. We had a lot fun, We took the train twice. Also we saw the parade and the fireworks and that’s what you call magical. The was our last day in Orlando. We did our last day ritual and we were ready to go to the cruise.

Cruise day as the counselors said when they woke us up. I got ready and I said bye to Marriott Hotel and the argentine girls. I was ready to go cruise.We got on the bus and we drove and had a party on the bus. But there was a sad news when we were checking in to get on the boat. They told us we can’t use our phone because the bill gets higher when you are on water. I cried my heart out but I got over it when I realized I was going on cruise with teenagers and lots of them. Everything was smoother than we thought, we got on the boat and I danced with the welcoming crew, we were dancing to some song i never heard. The boat was beautiful but our rooms were very small, it was ok because we were not going to be there a lot. The first day was a little boring because we had to do an emergency fire drill. It took a really long time (5-10 mins). After the drill we hit the basketball court and we played a game. I showed them my basketball skills. We met a lot of people from Miami. Whenever you ask a random person where he or she is from you are most likely to hear Miami. We played basketball for a while then it was straight in the pool. Strangely, the pool water was salt water, I thought you find salt water only at beaches. We met for dinner but I wasn’t feeling well so I passed. After dinner there was a teen club but apparently it was boring so everyone left. After we left me and my friends went to the upper deck and hanged out till it was time to go to our rooms. The next day we went to bahamas, the place was great, I played volleyball and met this guy who looks like David Beckham and I called him Beckham anytime I saw him. I also rented a float and chill on the water for a while and also there was this great bbq. The food was awesome and they had a live band performing great music. Everything was awesome. We came back to the boat and we played basketball, went to the pool and then the arcade. The next day we went shopping and we had a formal dinner. Everybody was looking sharp with their tie and pants. The dinner was great, we took some pictures and after dinner we had our own party. The next day was our last full day on the trip and on the boat. It was kinda depressing it was the last day but we made it count. We hanged out and did a lot things together. We even did karaoke, it was pretty funny to watch the boys sing. We also had a pool party. Then we had dinner. After dinner we met in a room and we had a reflection on the trip and we all smiled at each other and were kinda sad. But the party didn’t end there we had a lot of time to hang, so me and my bestfriend and the other girls started riding the glass elevator, we just kept going up and down. They left and I didn’t want to go inside, so I saw a group of kids hanging out and I joined them. I didn’t know half of them. I played volleyball with two of them and basketball with one of them. So we talked about basketball (we were comparing LeBron James to Michael Jordan). After 15 mins past 1 I said bye to my friends I just met and will probably never see them again. The next day was departure the sad part of the trip.

There it came, so quickly July 16. I wished I could have spend a lot of time with them but whatever has a beginning has an end. We all met outside, checked out and started saying goodbye to the people leaving or going somewhere in Miami. Then the rest taking the plane back to Jersey and New York took the bus to the airport. We all hanged out and started talking about the trip and how fun it was. We got to the airport really early, so there was more time to hang out and have fun.

I learned a lot of things and some are, you can make friends within two weeks. Also you have to be open-minded for people to like you. The important one is time flies by quickly, so anything you want to do, do it now and do not procrastinate. Also life is full of adventure you have to adventurous to find what life has for you. This trip is what you call “TRIP OF A LIFETIME”, where you go to new places and meet friends you will never forget.