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The Best Three Weeks of My Life

Hi, my name is Kevin Altidort, this is the story of my trip of a lifetime. I guess we will start at the beginning before the trip I didn’t really know what to expect, I thought it was going to be hard, you know as if I would make my first friend in like one week but I made my first couple of friends in the airport waiting for my new adventure with 50 strangers, not knowing what was going to happen.

During the trip I had 3 best friends, and for the three weeks I was there, I was starting to think that our little group was a little weird family because of how different and similar we were, it was me, Ben, Grace, and Marlene we felt as if we could take over the world as if we were friends and school and would continue being friends until we grow up, and that’s the funny thing about these trips you feel like, you’ve known the people you were with for your entire life.

On the trip, there were so many exciting moments and activities, for instance when we hiked thru the Bryce Canyon in Utah, during that hike it was so amazing and beautiful but to see the beautiful view we had to go thru a long, and tiring hike but for the view and things I saw it was so worth it, and so beautiful. Another great moment was surfing in San Diego for the first time and it was such an amazing experience surfing the waves of the Pacific Ocean with my friends.

The most memorable moment just may be when me and my friend stone had a dance off it was the last day of camping and we wanted to celebrate and everyone was watching, judging and to be completely honest, I have never seen everyone so close, it so amazing we weren’t just strangers on a trip we were a family, and we felt as if nothing could stop us, to my recollection that was the most amazing night we ever had.
Well like every good story this one has a conflict and mine was well get ready to laugh. It was the second day of our first hotel, and it was hot, I was just done talking to my mom on the phone I finished putting my stuff on a table, and my feet were burning, I ran to the water hoping my feet would cool me down, me and my friend Ben were swimming for about 2 minutes till I realized I didn’t take my phone out of my pocket. I freaked out rushing to go to one of the employees to see if they had rice but sadly it didn’t work. It was the 1st day in Las Vegas and one of my close friends on the trip had brought 2 phones and he said, I could use it till the trip ended, then, and there I realized, I made some loyal and trustworthy friends.

The California Caper trip was educational and a life experience for me. I learned to get out there and make new friends and try new things because you never know what you’re missing if you don’t try it. This summer was the greatest summer of my life meeting new people and seeing new things, experiencing new things. My summer truly was a trip of lifetime and I’m sad because I may not see my friends again but I have a feeling that it won’t be the last time I see them.

By: Kevin Altidort