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Having gotten the chance to travel there's nothing else I can say other than I am truly thankful for this life-changing experience. I couldn't have asked for a better summer and it's all thanks to Stan Rosenberg and the trip of a lifetime alumni. Before my trip to California I was so anxious, excited, and filled with 200 other emotions coming at me all at the same time. From the moment I applied to trip of a lifetime I knew that if I got in, I would have a great summer and that acceptance email made it more real. When applying to trip of a lifetime I was so nervous and worried every time I wrote an essay or a short response I would proof read and start over even if my teacher said it was good but I believed it had to be perfect. I was dedicated and determined to get in the program and nothing would hold me back. During that time all I ever did was talk about trip of a lifetime and how bad I wanted to get in. Once I sent in my application I calmed down and all I had to do was wait, and then the day came.

When the day came to hop on the plane and head to California I could not sleep because I was filled with emotions and even stayed up all night talking to the other girls that would join me on my trip. The two other girls and I talked all night about everything and anything. During the plane ride I got sat between two people that will also be with me on the trip they were really nice and funny we talked the whole plane ride, we even watch the moana movie all at the same time. Finally we landed in California at San Francisco Airport. It was the most mind blowing thing because I couldn't believe I was in California. On my trip we did so many things and I loved all of them. However my favorite of all time was white water rafting in Lake Tahoe. That was the most exciting thing we ever did, the one thing I truly liked about white water rafting was how we all needed to work together to survive and not tip over so we tried really hard to work as a team. When white water rafting the scenery is so beautiful and all the colors just out there, you seem some mountains with snow, and sometimes you notice how clear and clean the water is. Which was really nice and beautiful. It was like a completely different setting for me. Another thing we did on trip that I liked was the improv Comedy Club in Los Angeles , honestly thinking about that day makes me want to laugh and that is exactly how you can describe that day, the whole room full of laughter and smiles. The comedians we met were bold and made me feel like an adult because they were just themselves truly funny. I left that place with a true smile. Those two activities were truly the best part about this trip and I will never forget where I had my best memories.

The last day of the trip was the most emotional day. It was full of tears, hugs, and sad goodbyes. On the last night we all sat in a circle and stayed up all night talking about what we liked most about the trip. On this trip I truly understand the real meaning of friendships that will last a lifetime. This trip help me learn how to build bonds with people that were outside my comfort zone and never thought I would meet. I learned that getting outside of your comfort zone is a wonderful thing. You come back home with new stories and a new outlook at life every time you visit some place new. I will always believe that traveling does change you and always will. This was the best trip I ever been to and it's all thank to trip of a lifetime. Because of trip of a lifetime I will continue to travel. I will keep trying to help others people get the same opportunities I have gotten.