Alicia Soares

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Trip of A Lifetime was definitely a trip of a lifetime to me because it opened me up to new experiences when i was sent to the western side of the United States with a traveling company knows as Western Skies. I wouldn't say that making friends for me was difficult because I always liked meeting new people. Most people came with their friends and a few didn't. The first night when we arrived in Phoenix, the counselors picked our roomates. The other hotels we were allowed to pick our roomates. My relationship grew with one of the girls and even though we don't live in the same city, we still contact each other daily. In Sedona, Arizona, we went on the Pink Jeep Tours whuch was very excited and nature soothing. The national parks were very beautiful. The ones that we visited were in Arizona and Utah; the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park. We hiked for three hours in the Bryce Canyon. I was sore the next day but it was worth it because I saw nature at its work. In Utah, we went to an improv comedy place. The weather was scorching hot but it was worth it. On our way to Utah we visited the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary and we saw pigs, horses, dogs and other animals.

When we were by the pool one day, a girl from the trip told us about her battle with cancer. I was amazed by her strength and she told me how she visited various countries and islands despite what she was going through. Our next stop after Arizona was Las Vegas. I was very exited to go to Las Vegas to go to Planet Hollywood. The first day when we arrived in Las Vegas, we went to the Planet Hollywood arcade and some of us went on a roller coaster known as the Manhattan Express. I felt my heart dropped when I went on the roller coaster, it was so terrifying but very thrilling. The next day we went the the High Roller;the biggest ferris wheel in the world. It was very exciting to see the view and take a lot of pictures. Then, we went to the the Caesar Palace to do some shopping and look at the fountain show at the Bellagio.

After Las Vegas, we went to the San Diego Zoo where we saw a lot of animals and took pictures. We also had the chance to go on a skyview tour. We also went to the beach to learn how to surf. After San Diego, we headed to Los Angeles. On the way to Los Angeles, we went to Venice Beach and then off to the University of California Los Angeles. When we arrived at the hotel, we had to change to go to Disney Land but me and my roomates' room wasn't ready so they had to put us in a different room with the girls to change. Disney Land was very exciting because the rides were thrilling. The next day we went to the Improv Club where we listened to comedians. I got to meet Zainab Johnson and I took a picture with her. Each comedian was very funny and I enjoyed it very much. Towards the end of the trip, we did a color war where we were separated into groups and competed. I was on the white team but the green team ended up winning. The next day we headed to Rodeo Drive where all the stores were. After rodeo drive, we headed to Universal Studios and we went on some of the rides. After Universal Studios, we went to dinner at an arcade and we played in the arcade. After the arcade, we went to the hotel to change into our pajamas because we had to go down to the conference room to have our last color war. First, we sat in birthday order and we said our favorite things about the trip. After that activity, we had our last color war contest. The last contest was to wrap one of our members with toilet paper to look like a mummy. Even though we lost, we still had fun. After the activity, some of us decided to head to the rooms because the flight was early the next morning. My roomates and I talked all night because we knew we were going to miss each other.

The next day was the flight and everyone were emotional. Even though most of the people came with someone else, they made a lot of friends and were going to miss the friends that they made. I enjoyed those two weeks but it didn't feel like two weeks because we did so many things and that was very exciting and thrilling because it opened me up to new experiences; for example, the rollercoaster since I have never been on one. Even though, it was scary, I still did it because I believe that we are given these opportunities for a reason and I am thankful I was given such a wonderful opportunity with such amazing people.