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On behalf of everyone at Trip of a Lifetime, congratulations! We are excited to get to know you better in the coming weeks. Our Accepted Students Central page is where you will find helpful information and tips before embarking on your Trip of a Lifetime! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by using the contact form below or call our office phone at 914-874-1051.

All trip paperwork is due back to American Trails West or Rein Teen Tours by June 1st 2016.

Also, please download and review the additional documents below prior to your trip:

Pre-Trip Intro Letter

Contact Information

Pre-Trip Checklist

Reminders & Requirements

Trip Kickoff Meeting

Required Event!

Every accepted student is required to attend our pre-trip kickoff meeting with their parents. At this meeting, you will have the chance to meet your fellow accepted students, learn more about your trip, and get any last minute questions answered.

Norman Rein, the founder and president of Rein Teen Tours, will also be on hand to give a short orientation about the program. We will also have a special guest speaker, who we will announce shortly. 

To be announced at a later date. 

Photo Scavenger Hunt

Test your creativity!

On your trip, you will have the opportunity participate in a friendly competition against your fellow selected students in a photo scavenger hunt. Each student will receive a list of photos to take on the trip. The more difficult the photo, the more points will be awarded. Additional points will also be awarded for creativity. The winning student will have their photos published on our website and receive a Trip of a Lifetime gift pack to share with family and friends.

Essay Tips

For your written reflection

·Use the five senses (touch, taste, sight, hear, smell) to provide vivid descriptions of the places you visited

·Include what you have learned from your trip and how you plan to apply these lessons in your community

·Read essays from previous students to get ideas. Make sure to not copy their writing styles

·Proofread your work. Your essay doesn't have to be completely polished but it should reflect critical thinking

·Share your essay with your family, friends, and teachers. They will enjoy reading about your experiences

Student Trip Selection


All students should have been notified about their trip selection. Please contact us as soon as possible if you have any questions about your selection.

Travel Tips

From previous students

Leslie G.

1. Make sure to bring sandals with straps on them. I lost a pair of flip flops when we went white water rafting.

2. Try not to get souvenirs for everybody; it will cost too much money. Pick a few special people instead

3. Have fun and enjoy the experience because its one in a lifetime dream!

Maria S.

1. Make sure to pack something formal. Before my trip, I was not aware that sometimes, the group would be going out to eat at nice restaurants. Everyone was prepared with skirts and nice blouses and I felt unaware and different. I would recommend bringing one or two outfits for these occasions. Also, for the few days that you are camping in tents, make sure to bring MANY layers of warm clothing! In most of the camping nights, it was so cold, kids wore sweaters, socks, jackets and double pants. Make sure to prepare or else your nights will be icy cold!

2. Be sure to be friendly and make friends! 4 weeks may seem like a long time, but the time flies! I wish I had created the friendships that I did a little bit earlier because it would have been more fun. In the beginning, I was shy and wasn't open. It really took a toll later because I wasn't enjoying myself as much as other people who had already created friendships. Once I made more bonds, The entire trip was so much more fun! At the end I regretted not taking advantage of the first few days because I realized it was time wasted.

3. Focus on fun! This organization is not called Trip of a LIFETIME for nothing! It is truly an experience that you will never forget. Even though my trip was 2 summers back, I can still vividly remember the sites I was, the amazing memories I made with friends whom I still have contact with. Make the most of your experience! Pull pranks on the tents, bring card and have card game tournaments on the bus! Dare someone to jump into the icy river while rafting! If all done with safety, these can create pleasant memories that you will carry forever.

Monica D.

Well how do i even start. Trip of a lifetime changed my life dramatically. Having the opportunity to do something i know i couldn't do was one of the most amazing feeling ever. Throughout my trip i met a lot of great people and i made memories that will last me a life time. Everyday of my life I thank this group for giving me the opportunity to have a chance to see america, and learn more about our great nation. Until this day i keep in contact with all the people from the trip, including counselors, and the bus driver.

1. The most important thing to do during the trip is to definitely make friends with everyone, this makes the trip a lot more memorable rather than being boring. They will be your family for the next month so it will be better to get along

2. Also pay attention to the place you visit and try to learn about the states you visit.

3. Since this trip involves a descent amount of walking it is great to bring running shoes, and workout clothes. and a journal to write about your experiences, it is always great to look back and read the fun times you had during this trip. Trust me, this trip will change your life.

Alphonso H.

1. Always be mindful of where your things are and try to not loose them.( On day 2 of the trip, I lost my wallet that had everything that i needed including money,gift card, and ID..)

2. Make the best of every situation possible. Its really a trip of a lifetime and you never know If u will ever do anything to amount up to what youve done on the trip or even better.

3. Have fun, live it up, be you, make jokes, don't be shy, try to hangout with everyone, be open minded, try to become good friends with everyone, enjoy yourself, add everyone on facebook, keep in touch with your family.

The trip I was on, CC311' was the best trip of my life. I did enjoyed everything last bit of it and i wish i could revisit it all. It changed my life. Inhale all the air you want because it will never be the same again...

I hope you guys have a good time.

Marlin C.

1. Make sure to meet new people because it's going to be really hard not to stay quiet

2. Enjoy every minute of the trip as it will definitely become their Trip of a Lifetime.

Angelica D.

1. Although you might be tired your first days, try to make as many friends as you can.  Your tiredness may come off as rude and in a few hours, cliques were already formed. 

2. Mix up your room arrangements!  Try to room with different people each visit - you make a lot of friends that way.

3. Mark your luggage with something unique.  EVERYONE had the same type of luggage, so try to add a scarf or tag to make it really stand out.  With this, a lot of time will be saved when moving from location to location. 

Nana M.

1. Make friends as soon as possible.

2. Try new thing because you might not have a chance too.

3. Listen to the people in charge, because they will help you.

  • testimonialImg

    "I may be multiracial and I may be living in the ghetto but what I am going to do with my life is going to be historical."

    "I may be multiracial and I may be living in the ghetto but what I am going to do with my life is going to be historical."


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    “This trip made me realize that there’s more to the world than the South Bronx.”
    “This trip made me realize that there’s more to the world than the South Bronx.”


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    "I am really and forever will be thankful to Trip of a Lifetime for giving me such an exceptional experience this summer that will be forever remembered."

    "I am really and forever will be thankful to Trip of a Lifetime for giving me such an exceptional experience this summer that will be forever remembered."


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